Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme presents a unique look at post-Katrina New Orleans in Right to Return: New Home Movies from the Lower 9th Ward. The film consists of "portrait" documentaries filmed in New Orleans over the course of 2006, leading into January 2007. The five short segments chart the efforts of a disparate group of New Orleanians who braved unimaginable adversity after the floods of 2005 in an attempt to reclaim their homes, their neighborhoods –primarily in the Lower 9th Ward – and their shattered lives and livelihoods. The residents presented in the unfolding seasonal format include teachers, ministers, a retired chef, volunteer workers, the owner of the legendary "Mother-In-Law Lounge," librarians, and workers from all walks of life.

"This is an extremely personal project for me," stated Jonathan Demme. "We started filming four months after the floods. I felt drawn, as an American filmmaker, to contribute somehow to the audio-visual record of what these people were going through in their heroic efforts to jump start their lives in the face of this epic, tragic event. I wanted to be a part of getting these stories out.

Demme added, "The spirituality, courage, imagination, tenacity, and humor that fuels their commitment to restore their homes is truly inspiring and moving to me."


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