The Holmes Group

Mike Holmes and the Holmes Group came to New Orleans to join with Make It
Right in leading rebuilding efforts throughout the Lower 9th Ward.  In
addition to a lifetime of experience and world-class expertise, Mike Holmes
and the dedicated staff of the Holmes Group have contributed pro-bono
construction services to Make It Right and have played a significant role in
reinforcing the commitment to the highest quality building practices.

"Holmes in New Orleans," a TV special and six-part series documenting Mike Holmes' work in the Lower 9th Ward is airing in Canada in April and May 2009. Mike has generously asked his viewers to support the continuing rebuilding efforts of Make It Right in New Orleans. Click here to donate now.

  The Holmes Group is an international brand with independent media production, new home building and inspection divisions and current expansion into product development. The fundamental principal that drives business in all divisions is to Make it Right™.

The Holmes Group creates outstanding television enhanced by interactive content designed for delivery across multiple platforms. Our ideas move fluidly from one media platform to another‹from tv and radio to broadband to print.  Make it Right Productions, the television arm of The Holmes Group, has made Holmes on Homes™ into an international success seen in Canada, the US, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Germany.

Thanks to strong supporters in both broadcast and building industries, the
award-winning Holmes on Homes™ has successfully run seven seasons. And the
show’s massive popularity with home audiences offers industry sponsors and
partners excellent business opportunities.

With new shows in development The Holmes Group aims to provide excellent
commercial opportunities for networks, advertisers and partners in the
building industries.  We are currently shooting Holmes in New Orleans,
scheduled for broadcast in early 2009.

Holmes Homes and Holmes Communities are designed and built to the highest
level of green design standards and represent superior quality and long term

The Holmes Group

Mike Holmes
President, CEO

Mike Holmes has been a professional contractor for over 20 years and is host
and co-creator of the award-winning Holmes on Homes™. Mike Holmes is a
craftsman with integrity whose knowledge, professionalism and honesty bring
a high level of credibility to his television show.

In 2006, Mike launched The Holmes Foundation, a charitable foundation to
support the training of youth in the skilled trades. His weekly renovation
column appears Fridays in The Globe and Mail, and his books, Make It Right
and The Holmes Inspector are national bestsellers.

Mike is the national spokesperson for Skills Canada was recognized in the
House of Commons on October 30, 2006 as an “extraordinary craftsperson” and
“an accomplished master builder with a social conscience”. In 2008, Mike was
presented with an Honorary Doctorate of Technology from the British Columbia
Institute of Technology (BCIT), for his outstanding and sustained
achievements in his field.

Pete Kettlewell
Vice President, Production

Pete Kettlewell is Vice President, Production for The Holmes Group. His
career in television spans over 20 years and covers studio production,
series television and documentary features.

Much of his career has been spent traveling the globe on documentary
features shot in locations from China, Tanzania and Europe to extensive
travel throughout North America.  His documentary experience includes 5
seasons of Flight Path, Nature of Things, Witness, Man Alive, Rough Cuts, 48
Hours, W5, Newsworld, The National, The Journal, etc.

In addition to Pete’s documentary experience he has been a part of numerous
children’s series including Shining Time Station and The Big Comfy Couch.
He worked for many seasons on The Mike Bullard Show, Super Dave Osborne and
various other variety shows and dramas such as Traders and Riverdale.  In
fact it is impossible to find a day on TV without a show that Pete hasn’t
had a hand in.

Michael Quast
Vice President, Development

Michael Quast is Vice President, Development for The Holmes Group. His
tremendous passion for television comes from a career that spans three
decades and ranges in experience from Host, Field Producer, Writer, Senior
Producer, Production Executive and Director of Studio Programming for
Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting.  Michael’s various roles have exposed him to
virtually every form of television from live music events and talk shows, to
studio-based or entirely field produced programs.

Michael has produced television throughout Canada and internationally
including:  The United States, South Africa and Israel.  He has worked with
politicians, celebrities, scientists, journalists, exotic animals, children
and ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges.  Michael holds a
Bachelor or Arts (Hon) in Politics from Queen’s University in Kingston,
Ontario and a Master’s Degree in Political Theory from the University of
Manchester, England.

Liza Drozdov
Director of Communications

Liza Drozdov is Director of Communications for The Holmes Group.
She has worked in both studio and field television production for Fusion
Television and Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting. Liza also has created and
produced syndicated radio features and prior to 2002 was a Professor at
Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Liza holds a
Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Philosophy from Trinity College, University of

Seth Atkins
Design Principal

Seth Atlkins is Design Principal for The Holmes Group.
Seth was born 1972 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He attained a Bachelor of
Science in Architectural Studies [University of Utah/1996]; a Bachelor of
Fine Arts in Architectural History [University of British Columbia/1998],
and a Masters of Architecture [University of Toronto/2003]. Seth joined the
leading green design firm of Baird Sampson Neuert Architects in 2003 and
joined as an associate in 2005. Registered as a LEED AP since 2004; He
participated in several award-winning projects as a Project Coordinator and
contributing designer. His focus has been to develop
environmentally-responsive principles of building science. In 2007, Seth
joined The Holmes Group to act as principal designer for Holmes Homes and
Holmes Communities.

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