Target Area


Make It Right has identified an initial target area for the goal of constructing a community of 150 sustainable, affordable homes in the Lower 9th Ward as a catalyst for additional redevelopment. To identify this area, MIR researched numerous factors, including infrastructure, transportation, access to public services, schools and health and safety. After careful consideration and with Brad Pitt's inspiration to rebuild the Lower 9th Ward as an example of smart, strong and green construction, MIR made the decision to locate the project not only in a devastated area, but in the most devastated area of the neighborhood and arguably the entire city.

This is the area directly adjacent to the breach in the Industrial Canal levee, where a barge exacerbated the storm's devastation as it plowed through the levee, sweeping Lower 9th Ward homes in its path off of their foundations. This area was a strong community made up of proud and resilient homeowners. Tennessee Street, where today only trees remain standing after the storm, is a great metaphor for the endurance and deep roots of the community.

The New Orleans Office of Recovery Management has established two of three priority rebuilding zones for the city in the Lower 9th Ward. The MIR target area intersects one of those zones which represents the potential for returning schools, community resources and additional neighbors for those in the target area where, as of yet, almost no residents have been able to rebuild their homes.

Additionally, the MIR target area overlaps multiple zoning designations, which means that essential stores and commercial services could also return with a surge of returning homeowners. The MIR target area in the Lower 9th Ward endured grave devastation during Hurricane Katrina.

Pitt is determined to prove not only that New Orleans can recover from our country's worst national disaster, but also that even the worst hit areas can rebuild. Once Pitt and MIR have demonstrated success in the initial target area, they hope to expand their work to additional parts of the Lower 9th Ward as well as to inspire others to build, following their example.


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