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Sylvia Garrison and Darlene Mosley

Sylvia Garrison moved to the Lower 9th Ward in 1954 at the age of 15. The mother of six raised her daughters there. Garrison says the one thing she remembers most about the neighborhood was her neighbors. “I had a lot of friends,” said Garrsion. “It was a nice little neighborhood.”

In 2005, Garrison and Mosley evacuated the Lower 9th Ward in preparation for Hurricane Katrina and traveled to Mosley’s daughter’s home outside of New Orleans. “I went to Baton Rouge by my granddaughter. Then, I left and went to Seattle by my daughter,” said Garrison. After being away for years, however, Garrison longed to return home to the Lower 9th Ward.

Mosley was well aware of her mother’s desire to return and stumbled upon a program that she thought might offer them assistance in returning. While in Baton Rouge, Mosley learned of Make It Right from a relative. “We went to one of the meetings to hear more,” said Mosley. “They were talking good stuff, so we tried it.”

With the help of Make It Right mother and daughter will move into their three bedroom Billes home in April.

Garrison is excited about the Make It Right program and the opportunities the organization is offering Lower 9th Ward residents. “I think the program is lovely,” said Garrison. “I like the way you all are handling things and I really appreciate my house.”

Both ladies encourage other residents endeavoring to return home to the Lower 9th Ward to participate in the Make It Right program. “If you want a beautiful house built, go to Make It Right,” said Garrison.

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