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Clayton Evans

Clayton Evans, 56, grew up on St. Maurice Avenue in the Lower 9th Ward.  Mr. Evans, who works for an engineering firm doing computer graphics, is also a musician who plays guitar, bas and keyboards in bands and as a volunteer in his church.

Mr. Evans who will live in a Make It Right home designed by Eskew+Dumez+Ripple when it is finished at the end of summer, 2009, evacuated to Texas before Hurricane Katrina struck.  He worked for his company -URS Corporation—in Austin in the months following the Storm and returned to New Orleans when his company reopened their building in the Central Business District.

Since Katrina, Mr. Evans has lived in Algiers in a friend’s garage he helped convert into an apartment.  He is eager to settle again in his own home, explaining, “I am looking forward to cooking in my own kitchen again.”

It is the green features of his Make It Right home that attracted Mr. Evans.  Specifically he says, it is the building’s energy efficiency, the fact that it is built “to resists termites, resist water, use water catch basins, solar panels, and a lot of good energy saving appliances,” that sold him on his house.  “That’s the way I wanted to go and the kind of house I was looking for even before the storm hit because of the high costs of energy.  But they were not making homes like that then, not in this area.”  Mr. Evans says his Make It Right house is “one hundred times better” than what he was looking for before the storm and that financially, his Make It Right home is a “good deal” for him.

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TimberSil is a glass-infused wood product used on the porches and other exposed exteriors. This product resists water, fire, termites and does not need to be painted or finished in any way to protect it from the elements.
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