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Spring Interns Observe Modular House Drop

Wednesday the interns visited Make It Right’s site in the Lower Ninth Ward to witness - the first time for many - the drop of a modular house onto its foundation.  The entire process including securing the straps lasted over two hours but to lift the house from trailer to foundation took about five minutes.

Designed by Berkebile Nelson Immenschuh McDowell Architects (BNIM) based in Kansas City, the home itself was constructed by Indiana Building Systems and driven down to New Orleans. With a finished interior it was essential to move the house as quickly as possible in order to not damage the sheetrock, flooring, drywall, or cabinetry.  Fortunately this drop was easy and uneventful thanks to the dozens of workers adeptly guiding the house into place and apparently a highly refined ability to whistle loudly and yell “All good!” and “Watch your fingers!”.

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