Our Work And Progress

In the Lower 9th Ward today, home by home, family by family, a neighborhood is coming to life.
The landscape changes every day. Another family comes home. A community garden is planted. There are more kids on the playground. Right now, 14 families live in Make It Right homes. Another 19 are under construction. Read more about the process
More than homes are needed to build a vibrant, sustainable community.
In addition to helping 150 families come home, Make It Right is helping to rebuild the community -- complete with native landscaping, micro-farms, rain gardens and even building new streets. Make It Right gardens are going up right now at the Martin Luther King school, at the Tekrema Community Center and the Village.
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Make It Right Home Financing
The Make It Right program is designed to help Lower 9th Ward residents become homeowners. The buyer is expected to contribute as much of their own resources as they can to cover the purchase price of the home.
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Make It Right's Completed Homes
From its inception, the Make It Right project relied on the generosity of acclaimed local, national and international architects who donated their cutting-edge designs for single family homes and duplexes. See Our Completed Homes
The families who have already come home with Make It Right are happy to be back in the Lower 9th Ward and proud to be pioneers helping to build back their community. 
Meet some of the neighbors
See The Make It Right Playground
Make It Right donated the playground to a local community group, the Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development.
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Become A Homeowner
Want to come home to the Lower 9th Ward? Make It Right wants to help you get back to your friends, family and community.
Start A Team Homepage
Sponsor a Team home by setting up a team house to raise money and awareness.