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Stormwater Management Features

The city’s dependence upon this manmade drainage system is costly, but necessary.  This dependence can be reduced through innovative site-specific interventions, retrofits, and new constructions that minimize reliance on the drainage system, while maximizing the quality of runoff that is processed by the drainage and pumping system.  These strategies, if deployed citywide, could dramatically reduce costs associated with piping and pumping, while helping to decrease the risks of minor flooding.

Green roof systems help to minimize stormwater runoff, reduce heating and cooling costs, mitigate urban heat island effect, and provide wildlife habitat.

Cisterns allow for the collection of rainwater, minimizing runoff and providing residents with a source of water for non-potable uses such as irrigation.

Pervious concrete, unlike conventional concrete or asphalt, allows rainfall to infiltrate into soils, reducing the amount of runoff draining into the storm sewer system.

Raingardens are depressions in the landscape that collect rainwater, encouraging infiltration into the groundwater table and uptake by plants.  Also, the water-loving plants provide habitat and food for beneficial insects and animals.

Native trees, especially cypress and live oaks, act as giant living cisterns, soaking up rainfall during and after storm events.  Other benefits trees provide include shade, habitat, carbon sequestration, and protection for property from damaging winds.

Innovative use of pervious paving materials and engineered Best Management Practices help to maximize quality while minimizing quantity of rainfall reaching the municipal drainage and pumping system.

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