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Benefiting the Whole Community

Examples of Make It Right innovations that benefit the larger community include:

Specially-engineered wall sections:  The University of New Orleans Engineering Division has executed a series of structural tests on Make It Right-engineered wall sections that use 30 percent fewer materials than traditional wall sections.  Test results have proven the wall sections to be five times stronger than required by code.
Pervious concrete: Make It Right has been working on strengthening porous concrete - a key element in achieving the project’s goal of zero storm water run-off on the site.  When Make It Right started building, there were no Louisiana contractors trained to use pervious concrete; today there are over 20 certified pervious concrete installers in Louisiana

Job creation and training:  Since the start of the project, Make It Right has directly supported over 30 local contactors, with over 350 workers on-site and provided work and income for hundreds more suppliers and vendors.  In addition, Make It Right has conducted training seminars in Louisiana and Mississippi on using pervious concrete and has also provided builders with hands-on training in solar panel installation.

Benefiting the Whole Community
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