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Duplex Family Homes

Make It Right Architects Break New Green Ground with Duplex Designs

Families from the Lower 9th Ward can now choose to build a duplex in the Make It Right neighborhood. Until now, only single family homes were available and being built on the site devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Fourteen (six from the first round; eight new to the project) acclaimed local, national and international architects volunteered their time, met with the community and potential homeowners and applied their experience and creativity to come up with high quality designs that push the envelope.

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MVRDV was set up in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 1991 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries. MVRDV produces designs and studies in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape design. MVRDV pursues a fascination for radical methodical research: on density and on … Read More
Pugh + Scarpa Architecture
Pugh + Scarpa, has redefined the role of the architect and results in some of the most remarkable and exploratory design today. They do so by looking, questioning and reworking the very process of design and building. Each project appears as an opportunity to rethink the … Read More
Waggonner & Ball Architects Thumbnail
Waggonner & Ball Architects
Waggonner & Ball Architects is an award winning architectural and planning firm located in New Orleans’ historic Garden District. Led by David Waggonner and Mac Ball, the 19 person firm has designed projects in the educational, retail, office, religious, government, residential, and planning categories. Inspired by … Read More
William McDonough + Partners Thumbnail
William McDonough + Partners
William McDonough + Partners is an architecture, community design, and consulting firm that executes a diverse array of projects from our studios in Charlottesville, Virginia; San Francisco; and Amsterdam. We are architects, planners, and leaders in sustainable design; all of our work integrates eco-effective design strategies … Read More

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Rebuilding A Community
Make It Right is part of the broader rebuilding effort in New Orleans. We’re working with the City of New Orleans, the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority and other nonprofits to build the affordable housing, infrastructure and amenities key to bringing families home. Right now, acclaimed architect Frank Gehry who developed a duplex design for Make It Right, is working on another affordable housing project in New Orleans.
Graft Atelier Hitoshi Eskew
What's New
Thumbnail Architecture in Times of Need: Make It Right Rebuilding New Orleans‚ Lower Ninth Ward
The first book to document the progress of the Make It Right Foundation‚ efforts to rebuild in New Orleans‚ Lower 9th Ward after Hurricane Katrina is now available. Read More
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