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Building Green

Architecture and Design / Duplex Family Homes

Duplex Family Homes

Make It Right Architects Break New Green Ground with Duplex Designs

Families from the Lower 9th Ward can now choose to build a duplex in the Make It Right neighborhood. Until now, only single family homes were available and being built on the site devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Fourteen (six from the first round; eight new to the project) acclaimed local, national and international architects volunteered their time, met with the community and potential homeowners and applied their experience and creativity to come up with high quality designs that push the envelope.

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Atelier Hitoshi Abe Thumbnail
Atelier Hitoshi Abe
Hitoshi Abe is Chair and Professor of UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design. Known for architecture that is spatially complex and structurally innovative, the work of Atelier Hitoshi Abe has been published internationally and received numerous awards, including most recently the 2009 Architectural Institute of … Read More
Bild Thumbnail
bild design is an assembly of independent architects, designers and fabricators - each with their own portfolio of experience and talent - that come together to collaborate on built form. bild projects are a combination of ideas and explorations that focus on ground: how form receives … Read More
Billes Thumbnail
Billes Architecture was established as a vehicle for Gerald W. Billes to carry out his vision of creating innovative built environments that meet and surpass the expectations and needs of his clients. At Billes Architecture we strive to create environments - neighborhoods, communities, and individual buildings … Read More
BNIM Thumbnail
BNIM is one of the most significant architectural firms working to redefine practice in the realm of green architecture today. As early pioneers in the arena of sustainable design, BNIM continues to shape the national and global agenda for responsible architecture and design excellence. Established in … Read More
buildingstudio Thumbnail
buildingstudio was founded with two principles in mind: first, to blur the boundaries between architecture, art, craft and thinking. Rather than separate disciplines, buildingstudio considers each essential to the larger realm of building. Coupled with this, buildingstudio’s work explores built presence grounded in the experience of … Read More

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Rebuilding A Community
Make It Right is part of the broader rebuilding effort in New Orleans. We’re working with the City of New Orleans, the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority and other nonprofits to build the affordable housing, infrastructure and amenities key to bringing families home. Right now, acclaimed architect Frank Gehry who developed a duplex design for Make It Right, is working on another affordable housing project in New Orleans.
Graft Atelier Hitoshi Eskew
What's New
Thumbnail Architecture in Times of Need: Make It Right Rebuilding New Orleans‚ Lower Ninth Ward
The first book to document the progress of the Make It Right Foundation‚ efforts to rebuild in New Orleans‚ Lower 9th Ward after Hurricane Katrina is now available. Read More
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