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In December 2007, when Brad Pitt conceived his plan to rebuild part of the flood-ruined Lower 9th Ward, he had the future in mind.

The challenge to the architects he invited to contribute to the project was daunting. They were asked to base their work on traditional New Orleans typologies – the “shotgun” single family home, and the “duplex,” a multi-family home. They were asked to make the homes green, affordable, and durable enough to weather the storms to come. They were expected to design homes that would be built using materials inspired by Cradle to CradleTM thinking and verified to be non-toxic and reusable. And finally, they were asked to design homes that were aesthetically-advanced.

Single Family Homes

Single Family Homes
Updates to a Classic
The thirteen architects who contributed to single family home designs all hewed to the traditional New Orleans shotgun house format – simple, narrow and fashioned to fit the long skinny lots in the Lower 9th Ward. They also all include porches -- a feature highly valued in the neighborhood that places a premium on sociability and connectedness to the community. All of the homes have more complex floor plans, solar panels, rain water collectors and other green features. More

Duplex Family Homes

Make It Right Architects Break New Green
Ground with Duplex Designs
Families from the Lower 9th Ward can now choose to build a duplex in the Make It Right neighborhood. Until now, only single family homes were available and being built on the site devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Fourteen (six from the first round; eight new to the project) acclaimed local, national and international architects volunteered their time, met with the community and potential homeowners and applied their experience and creativity to come up with smart designs that push the envelope. More

Meet The Architects

The 21 architects participating in the Make It Right Project delivered, beautifully. They volunteered their time, attending design charrettes to learn about the needs and preferences of the community and potential homeowners. And they applied their learning, experience, and creativity to fashioning pioneering designs that will shape the next generation of family homes.

Graft Atelier Hitoshi Eskew
What's New
Thumbnail Architecture in Times of Need: Make It Right Rebuilding New Orleans‚ Lower Ninth Ward
The first book to document the progress of the Make It Right Foundation‚ efforts to rebuild in New Orleans‚ Lower 9th Ward after Hurricane Katrina is now available. Read More
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