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William McDonough + Partners is an architecture, community design, and consulting firm that executes a diverse array of projects from our studios in Charlottesville, Virginia; San Francisco; and Amsterdam. We are architects, planners, and leaders in sustainable design; all of our work integrates eco-effective design strategies rooted in Cradle to CradleSM thinking. We practice a positive, principled design approach that draws inspiration from living systems and processes.

Since 1994, the firm has built a portfolio of work based on the vision of the firm’s founding partner, William McDonough, who has had a leading role in defining the American sustainable design movement. The firm has created pioneering architecture and community designs that consider the long-term consequences of design; many of these are landmarks in the movement, such as the Bay Area offices for Gap Inc., the Adam Joseph Lewis Center at Oberlin College, and the Ford Rouge Center.
Our solutions to architecture, planning, and community design problems range across scales from the molecule to the region as we examine the economic, ecological, and social implications of design. In every project, we have sought to expand on enduring standards of design quality.

Throughout the practice, the firm has designed unique single-family dwellings for families as well as a host of other moderate-scale building types. It is a hallmark of the practice that we continue to work at all scales and on a wide range of building types—the cross-pollination of eco-effective design intelligence across scales and types is invaluable.

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