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The designs of Trahan Architects often involve a journey of discovery, meditation and action, evoking an almost involuntary emotional response when first encountered. An international award-winning design firm, Trahan dismisses preconceived formulas or designs, approaching each project with special consideration and attention to the unique needs of the client and with a clear focus on the future. The recipient of three national AIA honor awards in five years and numerous national and regional awards, Trahan Architects was one of three U.S. firms honored with The Architectural Review “Emerging Architecture” Award and one of five named to Wallpaper Magazine’s “World’s 101 Best Emerging Architects” list for 2007. Through the unique use of natural materials and light, Trahan designs provide a unique experience that enhances a building’s true purpose and grows richer with time. Tending closely to details of programming, master planning, design development and technology implementation, Trahan projects follow a method that accurately reflects the philosophy of individuality that the firm embodies. Most notable among Trahan designs are two internationally honored church designs and a university learning center that has been published and exhibited extensively as a model for academic design. Trahan Architects also designed master plans that were awarded first prize in international design competitions in Beijing, China for a Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Industry Base and a Medical Research facility.

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