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Shigeru Ban Architects (SBA) was established in 1985 in Tokyo and has 3 offices in Tokyo, Paris and New York - with a total of 30-35 professional staff. Dean Maltz of Dean Maltz Architect is an established partner of Shigeru Ban Architects and manages the New York office. SBA’s design experience stems from working in a wide range of project types; from private residences, collective housing, and apartments to offices, hotels, museums, libraries, retail, exhibition design and industrial design. SBA has completed a number of award winning houses, including The Curtain Wall House, The Picture Window House and The Naked House. Some of the firm’s institutional projects include Tazawako Station, The Paper Art Museum in Mishima, Japan, and the Atsushi Imai Memorial Gymnasium in Odate, Japan.

SBA continually seeks to develop innovative structural systems and construction methods to reinforce the underlying concepts of each project. Our current projects include the new 130,000 sq/ft satellite Pompidou Centre in Metz, France, The Seikei University Library in Tokyo, Japan, The Swatch Building in Ginza, Japan, The Forest Park Pavillion in St. Louis, MO, a condominium and art gallery in New York, NY, as well as numerous commissions around the world. Additionally, SBA has unique experience with volunteering for disaster relief causes such as providing shelters for victims of earthquakes in Kobe, Japan (1995), Turkey (1999), and India (2001) and working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to develop an appropriate solution for shelters in refugee camps of Rwanda.

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