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ELEMENTAL is a Do Tank. Our field of action is the city.

ELEMENTAL is a partner of Universidad Católica and Chilean Oil Company COPEC. Its focus is the design and implementation of urban projects of public interest and social impact.

If there is any agreement in the world today, it is that we need to correct the inequalities of our societies. For that, the only sustainable, but long term way, is education and income redistribution. The city, if well designed, might be a shortcut. ELEMENTAL does real and concrete housing, public space, transport and infrastructural projects, operating (in) the city as a shortcut to equality.

ELEMENTAL received the Silver Lion Prize for Prominent Emerging Architect in the Venice Biennial 2008 and has been recently awarded with the 2009 Marcus Prize for Architecture.

Housing client list:
Ministry of Housing Chilean Government Governo do Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil Instituto de la Vivienda Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Other projects client list:
Catholic University of Chile St. Edwards University, Texas Vitra, Germany St. Anthony Winery, Germany
Best known buildings:
Iquique Housing Project, Chile Siamese Towers, Chile St. Edwards University Residence and Dining Hall
MIR Project Team Members:
Alejandro Aravena, Diego Torres, Rebecca Emmons, Felipe Combeau, Victor Oddó.

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